Our fees for enrolled patients vary based on age and whether you hold a community services card (CSC), as these factors change the level of government subsidy. To apply for a community services card, visit the Work And Income NZ website or ask at reception

GP Consult
(up to 15 min)
Community services
card holder
No community
services card
Age 0 – 13 yearsFreeFree
Age 14 – 17 years$13$29
Ages 18+$19.50$50
The same consultation fees apply for ACC, phone/video consultations, and follow-up appointments

All fees are due to be paid at reception on the day of service
If you are paying using online banking this is due within 7 days. We do not hold accounts.

Extra funding: Where possible we access funding streams to further reduce fees to our patients.

There may be additional charges for:

  • Unpaid accounts
  • Longer consultations or additional services provided
  • Patients who are not enrolled (casual patients)
  • After hours consultations & home visits
  • Patients who are enrolled but not yet funded
  • Nursing services
  • Equipment
  • Insurance medicals & employment medicals
  • Completion of certificates

Nursing service fees

Nursing services Community services
card holder
No community
services card
Smear test$21$32
Youth sexual health
(ages 17 and under)

There may also be an additional charge for equipment, dressings, liquid nitrogen, medication, and other consumables.

Repeat prescription fees

Current repeat prescription fees are listed on our Repeat prescription page.