Prescription repeats

Our patients can request a repeat prescription of regular or ongoing medications for conditions which are known and stable. Your GP will review your notes and decide if it is safe and appropriate to prescribe your medication without an appointment. Most patients on long term medications should have a medication review appointment at least every 6-12 months.

The form below can be submitted online, or you can complete a written request in person at reception. We do not generally arrange repeat prescriptions over the phone.

Please allow for up to two working days for us to process your repeat prescription request, and sufficient time to book an appointment in case you need to be seen instead. This timing may vary at busy times.

Current fees are:

  • $18 for standard E-Prescription or to collect from reception
  • $5 extra for prescriptions requiring faxing / posting (some medications including controlled drugs, some pharmacies, a few other situations. We will avoid faxing / posting when possible)

To request a prescription, please complete the form below:

Date of Birth

Phone number

Email address

Pharmacy name (or collect from reception)


Please list each medication you would like prescribed, including your current dosage and frequency. If this is unclear then your prescription may be incorrect or unable to be completed.

For example:

  • Aspirin 100mg, once daily in the morning
  • Paracetamol 500mg, two tablets up to four times daily / as required
  • Medications are not new or recently changed
  • They have had a medication review appointment at Selwyn Village Healthcare within the last 3-12 months
  • Underlying health conditions are stable and well controlled. Patients with multiple and/or complex conditions usually should be seen for each prescription
  • No concerns about side effects or medication effectiveness
  • I have not been asked to book an appointment for medication review
  • I have enough supply to last me in case I’m asked to book an appointment

Your GP may still decide that you need to be seen, even if you meet these criteria

If your medication request is not appropriate for a repeat, please ring and book an appointment for medication review