We provide a full range of high quality General Practice services to look after our community through all stages of life.

Morning walk-in urgent care clinic

Responding to your healthcare needs, we have a GP attending to urgent problems (every day that we’re open) no booking needed. While other practices may take days to offer urgent care, our patients can phone or walk-in daily from 8:30 – 11am even if your usual GP is unavailable.

This is ideal for minor injuries, infections, and any other urgent / semi-urgent condition. For routine care (such as prescriptions) please book with your usual GP


Our walk-in clinic can work particularly well for having injuries assessed and treated. We can refer externally for X-rays if needed.

Contraception & Family Planning

Our team all have the expertise to help choose and use the best option for you. We can also insert (or refer for) long term contraceptives such as copper IUD, mirena and jadelle.

Skin lesion management

Our GPs are able to assess moles / freckles / spots / rashes / possible skin cancers, and provide a range of tests & treatments including freezing with liquid nitrogen and biopsy to diagnose a broad range of skin conditions.

Other minor procedures

We provide (or refer for) a full range of minor procedures on site, including

  • Freezing (Liquid nitrogen)
  • Biopsy – for diagnosis, or skin cancer removal
  • Long term contraceptive placement (IUD, Mirena, Jadelle etc)
  • Ingrown toenail management
  • Joint injections

Cervical smears

We encourage our patients to see our highly skilled nursing team for regular cervical smears, as a great way to look after your long term health.


We provide the full range of free immunisations currently funded on the Ministry of Health immunisation schedule. If you feel you may have missed out on the complete schedule, feel free to discuss with our nursing team as often a funded catch-up schedule can be arranged. We also supply & provide unfunded patient-chosen vaccines (including occupational and travel) with competitive pricing.

Infusions & injections

Our expert team of nurses have the qualifications and experience to provide high quality injections and infusions. These can include iron infusions, zoledronate infusions (for bone health), contraceptive injections, and many others.

Pregnancy care

It’s a great idea to see your GP when trying for pregnancy, to ensure optimal health and the correct supplements. Once pregnant, we provide a free early pregnancy assessment before you engage with an LMC or other services.

Travel health

It’s a great idea to look after your health when travelling. We recommend a GP appointment to discuss travel safety, your health, and vaccinations (usually best about 3 months before leaving).

Health checks

We’re always keen to support a proactive approach to your long term health. For everyone the first steps should be healthy eating, regular exercise, stopping smoking & vaping, and minimising alcohol & recreational drug use. Some reliable resources can be found online at A health check appointment can be a great addition for discussing heart health and cancer risks; we can arrange appropriate blood testing beforehand so that results can be discussed in your appointment.

HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)

For those at risk of HIV exposure, we have specially trained GPs who can provide confidential and thorough assessment and management including PrEP. Please ask to see Dr Ben Seers or Dr Martin Seers for this service.

Certification & licenses

Our friendly doctors are able to complete the assessment and forms required for most certification requirements, including driving medicals. It can be helpful to drop off complex certificates in advance so that we can estimate the required time / cost and save you needing to book follow-up appointments.

  • Please note that certification consultations for work purposes (eg. Heavy vehicle / passenger service license medicals) are not government subsidised and usually cost a minimum of $95 per appointment slot required. Your employer may cover this fee.

Long term care

We specialise in providing long term care with a team you can get to know and trust. Building relationships with our patients is at the heart of what makes General Practice a unique specialty, and helps us to understand your goals for future care. We aim to integrate with others supporting your health (such as pharmacist, hospital specialists, whanau) to provide a lifetime holistic service.

Mental health

Mental health symptoms can be severe and debilitating, and can make it very difficult to seek help. Our team of GPs are all experienced at supporting patients towards recovery & mental wellbeing; we are confidential, friendly, and here to try and help.

Diabetes care

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases we manage; we aim for a management plan tailored to each patient to improve your quality of life and help control long term risks.

Palliative care

Our expert team are privileged to provide care to patients through the last phase of their lives. We aim to tailor our services to anticipate your needs as closely as possible.