COVID-19 Vaccination

We have updated the information on our COVID-19 page, to help you work out when you will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in Canterbury. We’re not yet sure if / when we may be able to provide vaccination at Selwyn Village Healthcare, but will continue to keep our website updated as information becomes available.

COVID-19 protection

Our team of frontline health workers are now being vaccinated against COVID-19 (through the CDHB). We regularly see patients with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, and so vaccination helps prevent passing infection on to our other patients if we’re exposed. We believe there is good evidence for the safety and effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine beingContinue reading “COVID-19 protection”

Our patients can still access quality GP care when we are shut, without sitting in a waiting room for hours. Visit to find out more. If you are unwell, please ring Healthline (0800 611 116) as your first step so that serious and life threatening conditions are appropriately seen in Emergency Department.